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Updated: 34 min 55 sec ago

Group vows '8 to 10' more Planned Parenthood videos coming

6 hours 28 min ago
The group that has released Planned Parenthood videos allegedly showing the illegal sale of fetal tissue plans to release about a dozen total videos with the ultimate goal of seeing the group defunded.
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Parents break into daycare with infant locked inside

9 hours 53 min ago
Parents break through a window of a Houston, Texas daycare after they find their infant son locked inside and alone.
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Memories tied to a night's rest

11 hours 3 min ago
Categories: Health

The high cost of being transgender

11 hours 4 min ago
Categories: Health

FDA approves new cholesterol lowering drug

12 hours 9 min ago
Categories: Health

How to stop skipping your workouts

12 hours 11 min ago
Categories: Health

Nine things to know about the killer disease

12 hours 20 min ago
Hundreds of people are dead as the worst Ebola virus outbreak in history sweeps through West Africa.
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Ebola 1 year later, lessons learned

12 hours 20 min ago
Over the last year more than 25,000 people, a population about the size of Key West, Florida, have fought Ebola infections.
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Is there a link between Alzheimer's and sleep?

12 hours 58 min ago
Categories: Health

Frozen yogurt only sounds healthier than ice cream

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 2:07pm
Categories: Health

Third Planned Parenthood video released

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 2:06pm
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The St. Marys Minor League all-star softball team punched their ticket to the Minor League state...
BRADFORD – With the start of their game two hours behind schedule, the St. Marys Minor League all-...
The NRA National Silhouette Championships return to the Ridgway Rifle Club next week. The smallbore...



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