The Daily Press The Ridgway Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-27T00:59:26-05:00 reviews 2014, plans for 20152015-01-27T00:59:26-05:002015-01-27T00:59:26-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordDistrict manager Steve Putt reviewed the yearly program summary for 2014, which was an ongoing tally of all the permit requests that have come through the Elk County Conservation District since 2011.Putt said the conservation district had seen a significant increase in erosion sediment control plans and general permits throughout the 2014 year.Putt added that the conservation district had almost twice as many permits sold in 2014, mostly due to the repair work that was needed to fix damages from the flood in May.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerDistrict reviews 2014, plans for 2015Ridgway St. Marys men charged in armed robbery2015-01-27T00:58:09-05:002015-01-27T00:58:09-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordKyle Lee Sarginger, 25, and Spencer Gene Rudolph, 19, both of St. Marys, are facing multiple felony charges related to armed robbery for allegedly going to a home and robbing a woman for prescription pills.Ridgway, PAJim MeyerTwo St. Marys men charged in armed robberyRidgway Sweet Express to benefit CAPSEA2015-01-26T00:26:59-05:002015-01-26T00:26:59-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordThe event, which is coined as a "one-stop shopping experience for all your Valentine's Day needs" will feature local vendors that can supply unique gift ideas in time for Valentine's Day, as well as a chocolate-dipping station, beer tasting, wine tastings and several prize giveaways.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerPolar Sweet Express to benefit CAPSEARidgway Longer work hours can lead to more drinking 2015-01-26T00:23:24-05:002015-01-26T00:23:24-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordThe study covered over 400,000 people and found that those who work more than 40 hours a week are more likely to overuse alcohol. The study defined risky amounts of alcohol as more than 14 drinks a week for women and more than 21 drinks a week for men.Heidi Stahlnecker, executive director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, said that in her experience, there is no demographic that stands out as being prone to addiction but that some groups may be more likely to use specific substances than others.Ridgway, PAJim MeyerStudy: Longer work hours can lead to more drinking Ridgway Fire Department responds to gas leak2015-01-24T00:32:33-05:002015-01-24T00:32:33-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PARichie LeckerJohnsonburg Fire Department responds to gas leakRidgway technology program a growing success2015-01-24T00:31:12-05:002015-01-24T00:31:12-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJim MeyerLIFT technology program a growing successRidgway holds brief budget workshop2015-01-23T00:50:06-05:002015-01-23T00:50:06-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRASD business manager Donna Sidelinger gave a presentation to inform the public about what they can expect from the board during the process that is set to last into June.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerRASD holds brief budget workshopRidgway Buck Contest banquet held Thursday2015-01-23T00:48:49-05:002015-01-23T00:48:49-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PANo author availableBig Buck Contest banquet held ThursdayRidgway Field concerns addressed by board2015-01-23T00:47:04-05:002015-01-23T00:47:04-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway Record"The way it is moving, it is going to end up out in the middle of the road," said Joe Gilmore, JASD maintenance head. "It's already moved I'd say over two inches away from the stands. It's falling towards the road."Ridgway, PARichie LeckerMemorial Field concerns addressed by boardRidgway 16 for Ridgway Rendezvous2015-01-22T00:13:12-05:002015-01-22T00:13:12-05:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordA small backyard gathering has since evolved into a large community event with roughly 200 carvers attending every year along with thousands of attendees perusing the extraordinary artwork created in downtown Ridgway.Ridgway, PAJoseph BellSweet 16 for Ridgway RendezvousRidgway