The Daily Press The Ridgway Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-04-24T00:00:14-04:00 community college gains traction2014-04-24T00:00:14-04:002014-04-24T00:00:14-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordHouse Bill 1701, now in the House Education committee, aims to create a rural community college pilot program serving an 11-county region of northwest and north central Pennsylvania.Its sister legislation, Senate Bill 1000, passed with flying colors, 42-4."It’s been an issue and a concern for our region in the context of higher education, workforce, and job development training for a long time," said Eric Bridges, executive director at the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission.Ridgway, PAJoseph BellRural community college gains tractionRidgway to keep sharp eye on loan program2014-04-23T23:57:32-04:002014-04-23T23:57:32-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJoseph BellOfficials to keep sharp eye on loan programRidgway waived for court on child pornography charges2014-04-23T23:56:22-04:002014-04-23T23:56:22-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJim MeyerRohr waived for court on child pornography chargesRidgway Marys couple charged in vehicle theft2014-04-23T23:55:11-04:002014-04-23T23:55:11-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJim MeyerSt. Marys couple charged in vehicle theftRidgway proposing landfill cover and excavation2014-04-22T23:57:51-04:002014-04-22T23:57:51-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAKatherine PorterDEP proposing landfill cover and excavationRidgway still facing drug problems2014-04-22T00:33:17-04:002014-04-22T00:33:17-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway Record"We are all concerned about the drug issues in town and we've collectively come up with some questions," said Ridgway resident Stevie Gustafson. "We would just like them addressed and answered and maybe give us some feedback on what we can do."Gustafson reported that the questions offered to the borough were on behalf of a Facebook group who have been expressing online their shared concerns. Among the questions asked were those regarding syringes and police procedure with those found and turned in, how citizens can increase their involvement in helping with drug issues, and search warrant and probable cause procedures.Ridgway, PAKatherine PorterBorough still facing drug problemsRidgway Hop continues to raise brain aneurysm awareness2014-04-20T23:39:51-04:002014-04-20T23:39:51-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway Record"We thought only our friends and family would come," she said. Ridgway, PABecky PolaskiBunny Hop continues to raise brain aneurysm awarenessRidgway mom to marathoner; Quesenberry vows to return to Boston2014-04-18T22:33:56-04:002014-04-18T22:33:56-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway Record"I feel like it's about going out there and supporting Boston, the victims, other runners and doing it for that reason and not really for myself. If you stay away and don't go back then you're giving in and that's what the people who did it want," Quesenberry said. One year ago Quesenberry and her family experienced the terror of the bombings that killed three and injured nearly 260 spectators.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryFrom mom to marathoner; Quesenberry vows to return to BostonRidgway Bunny at Dan Smith Candies in Ridgway2014-04-18T14:14:41-04:002014-04-18T14:14:41-04:00Copyright 2010 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAChristie GardnerEaster Bunny at Dan Smith Candies in RidgwayRidgway Cross Walk2014-04-18T10:51:48-04:002014-04-18T10:51:48-04:00Copyright 2010 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PABrandon LeithnerAnnual Cross WalkRidgway