34th Christmas Day Happening

Photo by April Cush – Tara and Pete Burns are shown along with their two sons, Micah, left, and Patrick. The foursome made some home deliveries throughout Ridgway during the annual Christmas Day Happening.Photo by April Cush – Karen Lundin, right, and Rene Smith during the 34th Christmas Day Happening event. Lundin is coordinator of the event and Smith and her husband were in charge of the appetizer table.Photo by April Cush – John, left, and Rene Smith of Ridgway gave their time on Christmas Day to make sure guests had plenty to eat from the appetizer table.Photo by April Cush – The chefs for the Christmas Day Happening event, from left to right, Debbie Imhoff, Francis Viglione and Ray Imhoff. There were 236 home deliveries made.Photo by April Cush – From left, Rick Viglione and Greg Paige are shown setting up food before the main dinner at the Christmas Day Happening event.Photo by April Cush – Former Ridgway Borough Mayor Jim Martin and Santa Claus worked together to pick and announce door prize winners during the Christmas Day Happening event. Many local businesses donated door prizes to the event.

A large crowd attended the 34th Christmas Day Happening event in Ridgway, a celebration of food and fellowship in Ridgway and the surrounding area.