Austin Erich's project comes to a close with a rededication ceremony for the 65 Civil War Veterans

Staff Writer

Around 100 residents gathered in the Ridgway Central Firehall on Sunday afternoon to hear from Austin Erich on the inspiring project that truly pushed the limits of what an Eagle Scout Community Project can do, and if Erich has his way will inspire others to do more.
"Every year as a Cub Scout we were tasked with going out into the local graveyards and finding the star or cross markers that would hold the flags for Veterans Day. One year, and I was small at this time I asked my dad how we know for sure that these graves held veterans, 'cause I could pick them up and move them around. He said well someone put them all out a long time ago and did all the work to find out,” Erich said. "And I sort of let it go with that.