Big 30 Charities Classic Football Game Canceled

Bob Parana - Staff Writer

For the first time in 47 years, the Annual Big 30 Charities Classic football all-star game has been canceled. Players and coaches were notified via email Saturday morning. The Big 30 Committee issued the following statement on the cancelation - early Saturday evening. "The 2020 Big 30 Charities Classic has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the restrictions put on the game by the New York and Pennsylvinia health departments. The committee has met several times in an effort to do whatever it could to make the game a reality. With time restraints coming upon us and the schools where the practices were to be held still in limbo as to their opening. The committee was really in a tight spot with to many if's and maybes to move into the final stages of the planning. The programs completion, practice locations, pictures and finally the large undertaking of the saftey procedures left us with no choice but to cancel the game for 2020. It is a sad day for us, as we love putting this game on for the kids and their families and fans. With no options to move the game with kids leaving for school and military obligations and jobs, and with the pandemic still being unstable we truly were out of time and options. To all who have supported our game, we thank you. The committee will meet soon to see what we can do for the players, queens and cheerleaders in a way to show our gratitude for their willingness to participate in our game." Sincerely - Big 30 Charity Classic Committee.
Ridgway was to be well represented at the game that had been scheduled for Aug. 1 at Parkway Field in Bradford. Eight Elkers were selected to play in the game that pits graduates from Pennsylvania vs. their New York counterparts. They include Conner Grazioli, Robert Briggs, Hayden Haupright, Paul Gresco, Greg Simon, Jake Wickett, Austin Green, and Matt Dush.The Ridgway staff of Mark Heindl, Mickey Delhunty, Rick Viglione, Jack Kifer, and Tony Defilippi had been selected to coach the PA squad. Elker cheerleaders Emma Cobaugh, Lidia Duffield, and Brooke Thomas were to perform at the event and Ridgway Homecoming Queen Gabbi Rohr and Johnsonburg Homecoming Queen Haylee Cherry were also going to be in attendance. You can read more on the cancelation in Monday's edition of The Ridgway Record.
2020 PA Big 30 Roster
Ridgway – Robert Briggs (ILB, OG), Greg Simon (OG,MLB), Hayden Haupright (NT), Paul Gresco (QB), Jake Wickett (RB, DB), Connor Grazioli (C, DT), Austin Green (WR, OLB), Matt Dush (Flex, CB); Kane – Teddy Race (RB, LB), Jake Alcorn (Slot/RB, DB), Kevin Scharba (TE, DE), Aaron Hottel (K), Chris Stewart (LG, LB), Caleb Holt (WR, CB); Elk County Catholic – Jered Emmert (T, DE), Stephen Bobby (RB/Ath, SS, K), Anthony Gerg (OL, OG), Leo Gregory (TE, DE), John Wittman (WR, CB), St. Marys - Jake Walter (OG, NT), Gage Burford (DB), Forest Cressley (C, DT), Sam Dush (OT, DT), Cain Pfoutz (RB/P/K - Defense: OLB/DE); (Bradford – Caleb Nuzzo (QB, DB), Derek Sunafrank (RB, OLB), Otto-Eldred – Cameron Magee (WR, S), Colton Gietler (RB, DE/LB), David Wheaton (LT, DT), Cameron County – Caleb Rieder (OT, DE), Ebon Jackson (QB, CB), Port Allegany – Josh Rees (RB, LB), Montgomery Tanner (WR, CB), Eli Petruzzi (G, DT), DJ Michelitsch (C, NT), Smethport – Hunter Lent (FB, DE), Bryent Johnson (WR, S), Sheffield – Walker Kyler (WR/TE, DE/S), Jacob Dishon (WR, SS/OLB), Caden Smead (WR, CB), Coudersport - Logan Rogers (C, LB), Warren - Tony Batiste (OL, DT), Ryan Arnold (WR/RB, DB, P, KR), Alex Anderson (WR, CB), Jamo Douvlos (FB, MLB).