Borough Council denies Sheetz alcohol sales

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The transfer of an inter-municipal liquor license for the Sheetz store in the Borough of Ridgway was rejected by the Ridgway City Council on September 17, 2018, at a special session before the regular council meeting. Ohio Springs Inc., on behalf of Sheetz, requested permission from the supervisors to transfer a liquor license from Fox Township to the Ridgway Sheetz  #96 located in Ridgway as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 141 of 2000.
The PA liquor code allows a liquor license to be transferred from one municipality in a county to another municipality in that same county. The receiving municipality must approve the transfer by the adoption of a resolution following the public hearing in order for the transfer to occur. 
Prior to the denial, a public hearing was held and the supervisors heard testimony on behalf of Sheetz from an attorney of Flaherty & O’Hara of Pittsburgh. Representatives of Sheetz were also on hand. Not one resident of the Borough in attendance at the meeting was in favor of the license transfer. Many noted the traffic congestion already in the area, while others asked how local businesses were supposed to compete against a business like Sheetz. Some residents thought it was not a good idea to sell gas and alcohol at the same location, citing DUI's as a major concern, and others were simply against having any more alcohol-selling locations in the community.
In a unanimous decision, the members of the Ridgway Borough Council rejected the request for the transfer, citing all the resident's objections and adding the additional costs the Borough would incur with an increased police presence needed at or near the location. 

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