Cameron-Elk Counties Crisis Intervention Team graduates new members

Photos by Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Local Crisis Intervention Team just graduated 12 new members who completed an intensive five full day course in order to learn how to effectively handle individuals that are suffering from mental illness and impairment. Participants included at least one officer from each of the local police departments as well as other first responders at the scene of a major incident. A CIT is an innovative program of police-based crisis intervention, involving community health care and advocacy partnerships based on a nationally recognized model developed by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department. Under this model, police receive extensive training provided by community mental health professionals, advocates and experts in related fields in responding to citizens experiencing a behavioral crisis. The emphasis is on mental health knowledge, crisis resolution skills and access to community services. Elk County Sheriff Todd Caltagarone and Elk County Commissioner Jan Kemmer were on hand to give out the certificates of achievement to the graduates.