CEC Leadership program seeks teams, projects

Staff Writer

The Community Education Center’s Leadership Elk & Cameron program is once again inviting local nonprofits and public organizations to apply for a team of LEC participants to complete a community project.
The objective of the project is to provide LEC participants with an opportunity to learn how to make a direct and visible impact in their communities through service to an organization or agency.
Last year’s participants partnered with agencies such as the City of St. Marys, LIFT, PSU Cooperative Extension’s 4-H program, Elk County Footlighters and West Creek Rail Trails. The projects addressed diverse needs in the communities, including raising awareness and funding for LIFT’s Project Lifesaver, installation of mile markers on the Rail Trails, assistance with planning an outdoor fitness court for the City of St. Marys, and marketing and recruitment of programs and volunteers for the Footlighters and 4-H.
This year, two to five participants will work as a team under the direction of the partnering organization to complete a service project. It is expected that four to six projects will be selected through the application process. Charitable organizations, nonprofit agencies, schools and municipalities which serve Elk or Cameron county are invited to apply for a team of LEC participants to assist in making progress on real projects which benefit the community. Special consideration will be given to applications which address the areas of need identified in the Stackpole-Hall Foundation long range planning report and action plan.
More information and the application can be obtained by visiting www.leadershipelkcounty.com, or by calling the CEC at 814-781-3437. The application deadline is Aug. 8.