Commissioners approve 2019 operational budget

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

On Thursday, the Elk County Board of Commissioners approved the proposed  2019 county operational budget in the amount of $13,578,873, with an overall budget including federal, state, retirement and operational budgets of $40,385,460.
The 2019 budget will again not include any increases in the taxable millage currently assessed. In addition, the county will continue full operational capacity within all departments and vital services. As per collective bargaining agreements, all bargaining employees will receive a 2.5 percent wage increase, all non-bargaining employees will receive a 2.5 percent wage increase, and elected officials will receive a 2 percent wage increase.
The Elk County Commissioners wish to inform taxpayers that the county will discretionally apply Marcellus Shale Gas (Act 13) funding to necessary projects at the county courthouse and grounds, for emergency preparedness and public safety, for environmental programs, and reconstruction of public infrastructure projects in 2019 without the need to rely on taxpayer dollars. Furthermore, the county intends to continue to award a portion of those Elk County Act 13 funds to Elk County municipalities, non-profit organizations, volunteer fire departments, and other first responders.

The full article can be found in Dec. 28 edition of the Ridgway Record.