Detterline found guilty of third-degree murder

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

After only an hour of deliberation, Harvey Detterline was found guilty of third-degree murder by a jury of his peers in Elk County Court on Thursday. The family of the victim, Richard Hicks, said they were satisfied with the decision and the charge of murder, though they are looking towards the sentencing hearing for the final disposition of this case.
Senior Judge David Grine has ordered a presentencing report from the Elk County Probation Department before he pronounces his sentence. These reports, in general, take anywhere from two weeks to one month to complete. 
The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing has promoted sentencing guidelines as a guide for Pennsylvania trial judges to follow. However, the sentencing guidelines are not binding on Pennsylvania judges. The common pleas judges may deviate from the guidelines. If the court departs from the guidelines, it must explain the reasons for the deviation on the record. Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas judges give great weight to the sentencing guidelines and in general will sentence in accordance with these guidelines. 
The final sentence will be based on two factors; the seriousness of the offense, known as the “offense gravity score”; and the prior criminal record known as the “prior record score.” Each Pennsylvania crime has an assigned point value. The higher the number value, the higher the offense gravity score.

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