District 9 basketball playoffs information

Staff Writer

The District 9 basketball playoffs will be seeded by the committee at the conclusion of games through March 2. The tournament will be open to all teams. Teams will have until 9 a.m. March 3 to submit entrance.

Playoff games will be held at the gym of the higher seeded team through the finals. In the event there is a drastic improvement in the COVID situation, the district committee reserves the right to pursue neutral sites for the championship contests only.

If the higher seeded team declines to host, the option will go to the lower seeded team. If both decline, the District 9 Committee reserves the right to pursue an alternative site.

Schools accepting to host playoff games will understand they will be responsible for all financial costs with the exception of officials’ fees, game managers, and athletic trainers. In the event both teams provide trainers, the individual schools will pay the expense.

In the event spectators are permitted each team will be given the same allotment of tickets.

If a neutral site is used for the finals, the district will pick up all expenses. If the occupancy levels change, the Committee will re-evaluate and may pay additional expenses incurred by the host schools. At that time ticket sales will be the responsibility of the district.