Dush eighth Elker named to PA squad for Big 30 game

Bob Parana - Staff Writer

Ridgway's Matt Dush was named to the Pennsylvania squad for the 47 Annual Big 30 Charities Classic that will be held Saturday, Aug. 1 at Bradford's Parkway Field. Dush joins Elkers teammates Robert Briggs, Hayden Haupright, Greg Simon, Paul Gresco, Jake Wickett, Connor Graziloli, and Austin Green on the PA roster. The Keyston State squad will be guided by Ridgway Head coach Mark Heindl and assistants Mickey Delhunty, Rick Viglione, Jack Kifer, and Tony Difilippi. Kane's Caleb Hold was also selected to play in the contest. More on Dush and Green will appear in Saturday's edition of The Ridgway Record.