Elk County Complete Count Committee for US Census met Wednesday

Staff Writer

On May 7, with Resolution Number 2019.9, the Elk County Commissioners directed the formation of a Complete Count Committee for the 2020 US Census. The commissioners are assisting in the formation and direction of the Complete Count Committee until the April 1, 2020 date of the US Census. On Wednesday morning, the committee met at City Hall in St. Marys to plan their actions over the next few months leading up to the US Census.
By bringing together people from all over Elk County, the Complete Count Committee wants to make sure that every voice in the county is heard and every person counted.
Currently, in the educational phase of development, the Complete Count Committee discussed individuals in various communities that members felt would be invaluable contributors to the committee for specific regions and organizations that should be involved to capture what are known as “hard to count" populations.