Elk County Foods responds to COVID-19

Elk County Foods proves new service in reaction to COVID-19Elk County Foods proves new service in reaction to COVID-19
Brian D. Stockman
Staff Writer

"It's just the right thing to do," said Steve Cleveland, owner of Elk County Foods in his announcement of a special service that both the Ridgway and Johnsonburg Stores will provide to the at-risk population in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. "Both the Ridgway and Johnsonburg locations will expand their services to include shopping and in-parking lot delivery of groceries to members of our community that are at-risk," said Cleveland "And there will be no additional charge for this service." People in a high-risk category (Older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like, Heart disease, Diabetes or Lung disease) will be able to call the stores (Ridgway 772-1334 or Johnsonburg 965-2450) or e-mail a list (ElkCountyFoods@gmail.com ) and place their order with a credit card. It would be preferred that the order is called in at least one day in advance to allow the store time to 'pick' the groceries from the shelves. Customers will receive a return call when the order is done and can give a time when they will pick it up. They can also call the store from the parking lot when they arrive. "This service is in response to the needs of our population, including those who don't have a computer to order online like at some other county stores," said Cleveland. "We currently do this on a small scale for a few customers but are ramping up during this current outbreak." The Staff of Elk County Foods is excited about this new service that can help those in the community. The service is currently only for those in the at-risk population, and the store hopes that customers give them some time to work out any flaws in the system before they roll it out to the general public in the fall.