Few surprises in May primary in Elk County

Chuck Abraham
Staff Writer

With voter numbers down, there were few surprises in the May primary election on Tuesday.
In Ridgway Borough, Steve Caggeso and Steve Keener will both be on the Democratic ticket in November for borough council. There were also 98 write-in votes on the ticket.
Bob Connacher received 98.35 percent of the vote for Ridgway Borough tax collector, and will be on the Democratic ballot in November.
Ridgway School Board saw Aimee Kemick and Rita Buhite tie on the Democratic ticket with 24.66 percent of the vote. Kristie Bennardi received 21.14 percent of the vote, and Bill Seely received 13.94 percent of the vote and write-ins accounted for 15.59 percent of the vote. Kemick received 24.60 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket, Buhite 22.13 percent of the vote on the GOP side, Bennardi received 20.75 percent of the Republican vote and Seely 16.5 percent of the vote on the GOP ballot. There were 162 write-in votes on the GOP side.
Dr. Guillermo Udarbe received 90.29 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket in his re-election bid for Ridgway Borough mayor. He will appear on the ballot in the November general election.
The GOP candidates for Ridgway Borough Council will be Ronald Burkett with 31.42 percent of the vote, Keith Mader Jr. with 27.18 percent of the vote and Ralph Dussia with 26.11 percent of the vote. There were 72 write-in candidates on the GOP ticket.