Fire department plans to purchase truck

John Wygant, fire chief at the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department, attended Tuesday's Ridgway Borough Council meeting seeking borough officials' blessings for the purchase of a new fire truck.Department officials are in the process of purchasing a pumper/rescue truck, combining an engine and a rescue truck into one."We haven't bought a new pumper in 13 years," Wygant said. "The average life span is 20 years and then you have to start putting money into them. We have a piece of equipment now that we are continually putting money into and we want to eliminate that. "What we are going to do is eliminate two pieces of equipment and replace it with one. It will cut down on fuel costs, maintenance and also we will be able to man the equipment more efficiently because instead of taking two trucks out we will only be taking one out. Those people who will be on two pieces of equipment will now get onto one piece of equipment." After reviewing specifications on many fire trucks, the department is looking to purchase a truck from the Missouri-based Precision Fire Apparatus priced at $478,000.At this point, the department plans to get rid of a rescue truck which was purchased by the Firemen's Relief Association and is unsure of the other engine."My main objective is to start condensing our equipment," Wygant said. "I'm not saying we have a lot of equipment, but we have some older equipment that needs to be replaced and rather than going out and buying two trucks-- another engine and another rescue-- we as a department decided that we would combine the two and make a pumper rescue out of it."Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.