First Lutheran Church combines quilting with Harvest Festival

Staff Writer

It's been a little over a year and a half since Pastor Susan Fox took the reigns at the First Lutheran Church in Ridgway. 
"I was welcomed with open arms into the community and I still feel that warmth every day in this wonderful town,” Fox said in the former classrooms of the Ann Forbes preschool which are located in the church on South Street. "Many people are asking what we were going to do with this space once the school went to the YMCA, and now you can see, we have transformed it for mission work."
The Lutheran Church has a long and proud history of missionary work almost right from its founding by Martin Luther. Thousands of people every year travel to remote areas of the world to perform outreach services with new congregations that have sprung up in Africa, South America and Asia. Mission trips also take place in the United States with volunteers traveling to help out in disaster regions, like late-January’s North Carolina mission trip to help clean up hurricane damage.