First Mountain Fest proves a success

Photo by Brian Stockman — Saturday proved to be the most popular day of the Mountain Festival with crowds filling the transformed Motion Control Building.
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Even with a winter blizzard bearing down on Elk County, the Mountain Festival in Ridgway proved to be an extremely popular event this past weekend.
In speaking with vendors during tear-down and clean-up on Sunday, all reported great sales and perhaps even more important, great exposure for their products and companies.
The transformation of the old Motion Control Building was astonishing to many who use to work in the mammoth structure. T.O. Fitch,  president of the Elk County/Ridgway Chamber of Commerce said in a short interview on Sunday that this was "all responsible due to the hard work of volunteers and donators/sponsors who worked so hard in the past few months to make this event successful."  
Fitch went on, "this event helps to showcase a very large venue space that other organizations and events might find attractive for future events."  
While attendance was down on Sunday due to the weather the region experienced the night before, there were still plenty of people coming out in the morning to support the vendors, musicians, and artists scheduled for the day. Saturday brought a capacity crowd to the Festival with the main parking lots filled and overflow being bussed in from various locations.
"The few bumps we encountered were resolved pretty quickly and allowed us to learn what to do better next time," said Fitch. "And I hope we have started a new tradition for Ridgway and Elk County."