FSG students to perform "ElfLandia" tonight, Thursday, Dec. 20

Photo by Brian Stockman
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Welcome to ElfLandia, the land of Santa's elves, busy making toys and getting ready for Santa's yearly trip around the world to bring presents to all the deserving humans on the planet. But wait, do human beings really exist? The reports the elves have heard are not very encouraging. Humans. Many are grumpy and stressed at holiday time, others are downright sour when they wake up from a nap, and some are just big and loud and hairy. Discover what the elves learn about humans when Santa shows up with a real living sample. The ensuing effort to get "Elfie Selfies" with as many humans as possible makes for a rousing closing to the musical,
ElfLandia, directed by Jason Phipps and performed by the first grade students, will take place on tonight, Dec. 20, at 6:30 p.m. at theĀ Francis S. Grandinetti Elementary School. The public is welcome to attend.