Historic ‘brick block’ deed secured by Johnsonburg Community Trust

Staff Writer

According to a Tuesday blog post on the Johnsonburg Community Trust’s website, the trust has secured the deed to the historic ‘brick block’ on Market street in Johnsonburg.
According to the post, “since January of this year, many assumed the Johnsonburg Community Trust held the deed to the 1890 Brick Block, in the Elk County Borough of Johnsonburg, PA. We didn’t. That process was to take months yet. Regardless, winter was upon us and the building was vulnerable to further damage from humans, other animals, and mother nature.
“For those who don’t know, the massive Brick Block landed on hard times, as the result of neglect, and was for sale as a repository property.  Around the turn of the new year, the borough and county taxing bodies voted to trust the Johnsonburg Community Trust with this ailing historic treasure.  While the paperwork worked its way along, the Trust, through an agreement with Elk County, quickly insured and then began to secure the vacant structure against further deterioration.” Further information on efforts at the site so far and future plans were provided in an email from the trust Tuesday. As the Johnsonburg Community Trust nears the end of phase I, of its plan to rehabilitate the historic brick block, directors and other volunteers have removed 42 tons of debris from the 45,000-square-foot structure.