JCC hosts indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Photo by Brian StockmanPhoto by Brian StockmanPhoto by Brian StockmanPhoto by Brian StockmanPhoto by Brian Stockman
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

"Well, at least we are out of the rain," said Christine Bressler, Johnsonburg Community Center director, as people crowded into the Johnsonburg Fire Hall for the almost rained out Easter Egg Hunt. With a crowd approaching 100 when all the kids are included, Bressler remarked "not a bad turnout for a cruddy day like this."
With the floor cleared of tables and chairs and dividing chains sectioning off areas by age, the Johnsonburg Fire Hall looked enormous, especially when covered with tiny gift-filled, colored eggs.
Many residents came up to Bressler and the Rotary Club members present and thanked them for still going through with the Hunt despite the weather. "What is it with the Community Center and water anyway?" Joked one resident to chuckles of may close by and a few shoulder shrugs. 
What should have been a triumphant year for the Community Center, it's Centennial, 100 years of operation with events planned throughout the year was given a bit of a shakeup when a partial ceiling collapse occurred late in November of 2018.
The end result has been a closed pool while funds are being raised, applied for, and hopefully granted to the Center for its repair. The local Borough Council, Chamber of Commerce, County Commissioners, and even industry represented by Domtar, are all working on ways to help bring the facility back into full function.  
The Center is not just a place to go and exercise, it's been a touchstone in town for 99 years.
"Everyone has memories of the place and everyone wants to help, but the cost for repairs is daunting," said Bressler. "But this town saved the Community Center before and it will again." 

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