Johnsonburg Municipal Authority ends 2018 with good news on water treatment plant

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority met on Tuesday evening for their last meeting of 2018.
Immediately upon calling the meeting to order, the Board adjourned into executive session to discuss pending litigation and personnel matters. After 26 minutes the Board returned and announced that no actions were taken during executive session. Moving on with the agenda, the floor was opened to comments from visitors.
Bob Blatt, a customer of the Authority who owns multiple apartment units, complained to the Board that with the new monthly billing, he had to contact the office every month as to which of his apartments were vacant or occupied, and asked that his units be marked as vacant unless he informs the secretary. The Authority members explained to him that under current rules it does not matter if the apartment is occupied or not, they are still allowed to charge for the service. Blatt complained that it was not this way in the past and asked why the change occurred. Through the course of the conversation, it was determined the change occurred many years ago and the Authority had been doing Blatt a favor by not charging for multiple water connections to separate apartment units on one meter. After some discussion, the Board opted to enforce current rules and charge for hookups wither occupied or not.
Under Manager Lisa Sorg's report, meter replacement in the downtown section has been completed and they will be applying for more money from the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant Program) to cover the Terra Cotta/Dill Hill area next. Form 43, the Total Waste Analysis has been submitted to the DEP. The Authority has completed the self-assessment for the DEP required each year with Paul Handke from the Safe Drinking Water Division.
Permits and exemptions were approved to be signed off on by the Borough Council on Monday evening once their engineer gives his final approval. Once all this information and the proper forms are submitted to the appropriate agencies the Authority will be ready to solicit bids on the new water treatment plant by the end of January 2019.
"After two years of work on this project everyone is thankful to finally see this point has been reached", said Earl Park.
Richard Brown, solicitor for the Municipal Authority, wanted to personally thank the Domtar Corporation for its donation of much of the land the water plant will be built on.
"The project in its current form would not be possible without their support," said Brown. The rest of the Board echoed his comments.

The full article can be found in Dec. 7 edition of the Ridgway Record.