Johnsonburg resident finds passion in making sweet treats for brides-to-be

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Allison West
Staff Writer

A wedding cake is just as valuable as the dress for most soon-to-be brides, and for some, the flavor and decor on the cake can be a tie-breaker. Patricia “Trish” Cseh, a newer resident in Elk County, takes both flavor and presentation into consideration when designing and baking cakes for her clients.
Cseh began as a student at Purdue studying chemical engineering, however, she always enjoyed baking and soon went on to take classes in buttercream techniques at The Wilton School. Her passion for cakes led her to become the owner and operator of Butter Cream Creations, a home-based business located in Johnsonburg, where she specializes in cakes for weddings, showers, birthdays and anniversaries. She also makes cinnamon rolls and bread for the holidays.
“I aim to please,” Cseh happily said.
Prior to moving to Johnsonburg, Cseh worked as a pastry chef in Alabama. Following the passing of her husband, she decided to move to Indiana, Pennsylvania with her children, where she participated in numerous bridal shows, showcasing her traditional buttercream style cakes. In September 2017, Cseh moved to Johnsonburg with her fiancé, the two were married Oct. 12 of that year.
Cseh’s learning experiences in the culinary arts have come from books, teachers, and women of the Mennonite Church. worked with her to show her the ways of traditional buttercream work, and Cseh stated that she enjoyed it as she prefers formal structures in several aspects of life, especially in baking.
“I put a lot of time into my work,” she said.
She also stated that numerous soon-to-be brides prefer a buttercream icing over fondant, as the icing is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the tongue for many. Fondant tends to be ideal for decor, but not so much on flavor. Though fondant is not the favorable method to work with, Cseh often times makes a gum-based memento, usually in the shape of a flower, for the bride.
“They hire me for my icing,” Cseh said with a laugh.

The full article can be found in Nov. 29 edition of the Ridgway Record.