Local auto business celebrates anniversary

Photo by Becky Polaski
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

It is an exciting time when a family-owned business is able to celebrate its first anniversary, and Xtreme Automotive Specialists, Inc., located at 7248 Ridgway St. Marys Road in Ridgway, reached that milestone earlier this month.
The business is owned and operated by the Gerber family. Parents, John and Donna Gerber of St. Marys, serve as the business’ treasurer and secretary, respectively. Their oldest son, Alex, is the president and their youngest son, Mitchell, is the vice-president. Alex and Mitchell have over 20 years combined mechanic experience, and they are enjoying putting their skills to good use operating the business.
The location was previously home to Xtreme Performance & Sound, of which the Gerbers were customers. One day, when Alex stopped at the business and was talking with the owners, they indicated that they were planning to sell the business and were getting ready to advertise to look for a buyer. After some discussion, the Gerber family decided the timing was right and they were up to the challenge.
Donna Gerber noted that her husband and sons have always enjoyed working on vehicles.
“Ever since the kids were able to walk and hold a wrench or a tool of any sort, John has always been monkeying in the garage and the kids have always been over there with him. They’ve built a few different Jeeps and tore down a lot of vehicles and repaired them,” she said.
That enjoyment of working on vehicles with their father has now turned into full-time jobs for Alex and Mitchell. Now as mechanics themselves, they both take pride in their work and are dedicated and responsible in caring for their customers’ vehicles.
While both brothers have a lot of hands-on experience from working at other area businesses, Alex also has a degree as a motorsports technician. The office management skills that he learned in college and during his previous jobs are also proving to be an asset now that the family is running their own business.
“We wanted our sons to be lifelong learners, that’s why we began our endeavor with Xtreme Automotive Specialists,” John and Donna said. “Although they’re both knowledgeable in the automotive field, they’ll never stop learning when operating a family-owned business. The products, clients, selling and mechanic procedures are ever changing. One thing is for sure, they’re never going to get bored in this type of business.”

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