Mail in Voters in Primary might have ballots delivered for General Election

Elections Director Kimberley Frey and Deputy Sue Millard with voting machines
Brian D. Stockman
Staff Writer

In the Primary Election in Pennsylvania that just occurred Pennsylvania Governor Wolf touted Mail-In voting as the safe-option as the state experienced the COVID -19 pandemic. However, this safe option might bring confusion when it comes to the General Election in November.

When many people filled out the Main-In voting application, they checked the box to request a permanent change in their status, moving from a regular voter to requesting a ballot be sent for each election. It was as simple as selecting an option on the online form or filling out a box on the in-person forms sent out. By doing this, voters are listed as a mail-in voter and will not be able to vote in person in the General, as a ballot will have already been sent to them.

There were only a few cases across the precincts in Elk County in the Primary election this month, where a person who had requested a mail-in ballot showed up in person. Those individuals could either take their mail-in ballot to the Elections office in Ridgway or fill out a provisional ballot at the polling site. Most chose to take the ballot to Ridgway with very few provisional ballots ending up being cast. As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have slowed down at this time, more people are interested in person, especially during the General Election as it is a Presidential year.

If you voted by mail in the Primary Election and want to see your current status, you can quickly check it at any time . If you have accidentally filled out the change to Mail-In voting or have changed your preference, you must fill out the form at and return it to the Elk County Elections Office, located at 300 Center Street in Ridgway. The Elections office also has copies of the form for you to fill out if you do not have access to a printer. For more information, contact the Elk County Elections Department during regular business hours.