"Narnia the Musical" Character Spotlight

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Staff Writer

The frigid land of Narnia that lies deep within the mysterious wardrobe is full of many entities, both good and evil. Today's spotlight features the dark, evil inhabitants of Narnia. The White Witch, and self-proclaimed Queen of Narnia, is played by Lexi Hofmann. She rules the land and her cruel minions with a stern voice and an icicle rod. In control of Narnia for hundreds of years, the White Witch and her "cruelies" manipulate their way to the top and kill anyone that threatens their reign. Once the Pevensie children arrive in Narnia and seemingly fulfill a centuries-old prophecy, the true battle of good vs. evil unfolds.
All are invited to come to see how the story plays out at tonight's opening show at 7 p.m. at the Ridgway High School Auditorium. Shows will also run Friday, Jan. 25, and Saturday evening, Jan. 26, at 7 p.m. and Sunday afternoon, Jan. 27, at 2 pm.
Pictured left to right are Ethan Martinez, Isabelle Ehrensberger, Katie Decarli, Lexi Hofmann, Cayden Anderson, Barbara Samick, Melaina Wolfe, Connor Hill, and Hannah Wolff.