New pizzaria to open in Ridgway

Photo by Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

When Patalano's Place II closed a few months ago, many in Ridgway were deeply saddened by the passing of yet another family-friendly Ridgway based restaurant. Lifelong memories, special occasions, and many first dates had taken place in the pizzeria, and its closing struck close to home.
"I want to keep the family-friendly reputation and expand on it with the remodel and the revamping of the classic menu," says Ronald (Ronnie) Wingard, the owner of the soon to be open Paesano Pizza II, "I hope to do the Patalanos proud."
Wingard is a native of Brockway and has worked at the Paesano's location there for several years, mostly over the winter months as he has a landscaping business during the summer.
"I found I actually enjoy working at the restaurant more and then this opportunity came forward at the right time for me to make that change," he said of why he made the switch to a full-tim restaurant owner.
Wingard is partially remodeling the location with "new seating, another freezer, deep fryer, and a new oven… to accommodate the larger menu."
While he will be using recipes from the original Paesano's in Brockway, he will also be introducing more items.
"Since this restaurant is larger and it gives me the opportunity to add new appetizers. including some killer wings," Wingard said.
A larger prep table in the kitchen will assist in the wing production and an expanded salad menu.
"I want to try some new things and see if they work while sticking to the tried and true Paesano's recipes," said Wingard.
Wingard will not be pursuing a beer and wine or liquor license as he wants to, "keep this place as family friendly as it has been for many years."
Plans are tentatively in the works for a May 1 opening.
"That is not yet set in stone," said Wingard. "I need to hire some more employees, and most importantly train them, all while getting the tax codes, and credit card machines, inventory and other products, and still finish the remodeling, starting with the main countertop. It might take a bit longer."
While it may take just a bit longer Ridgway is eagerly looking forward to Paesano's Pizza II opening it's doors.