New teacher’s brother influenced her decision to become a teacher

JOHNSONBURG – Rene Timm, another new kindergarten teacher at Johnsonburg Elementary School, chose a teaching career because of her brother. “I decided to become a teacher because of my brother,” Timm said. “He was a child who struggled in school because he had a serious medical condition. Even though he eventually overcame his health issues, he was passed from one grade to another because teachers felt bad for him.” She recalls sitting and doing her homework wondering why her brother never really had anything to do. Eventually, she noticed a change for the worse as time went by. “After we got older and he wasn't given that much help anymore, I noticed how hard everything was for him,” Timm said. “Since then I wanted to be a teacher that made a difference in a child's life.”Timm’s outlook on teaching is everyone deserves to be given a chance to succeed. “I love seeing the look on a student's face when they have achieved something they have been working so hard on,” Timm said.A favorite part about teaching for Timm is witnessing the moments when her students realize they figured something out. “My favorite part about teaching is definitely watching a student achieve something after they have been trying so hard to get it,” she said. “Just watching the 'light bulb' that goes on above their heads and knowing I helped make it happen.”Keeping the students interested is something Timm has given a lot of creative thought about. “I have a lot of fun ideas to keep the students interested all day,” Timm said. “I plan on keeping them moving so to speak because with this age group you can never spend too long on one topic.” Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.