Numerous topics discussed by Johnsonburg Council

Photo by Brian Stockman
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Johnsonburg Borough Council discussed nuisance properties, presented reports and approved items at Monday night's meeting. Council has an opening on its Zoning Board, and is requesting that any citizen of the borough who is interested apply for the open spot by contacting Council.
As the meeting commenced, a member of the public addressed the Council concerning several neighboring properties owned by an individual who is known to the council. The properties were described as being unattended, garbage-filled, and generally a nuisance to neighbors. Council members said they were aware of the situation, and Police Chief John Clopp informed the citizen that the property had been inspected a few weeks ago and was found to be clean with no garbage — though the properties were overgrown.
The Code Enforcement Officer also claimed to be aware of the situation at several of the landowners' properties and that violation notices had been sent out. The solicitor then informed the citizen that action was underway to bring this matter to court in a short period of time as that landowner seems to be a habitual offender.
The Borough Council then reminded the public, and the press, that they cannot move forward on any complaints of this nature until property owners or citizens come in and file a complaint at the Borough Office at 100 Main Street. There is no cost to file a complaint, and the form is simple to fill out, but without it, there can be no action taken until it becomes so egregious that the Code Enforcement Officer has to respond.
Reports were then presented to the Council starting with Mayor Jack Fowler. He reported on that he had medals made for the Elk-Mckean All-Stars with the funding approved from the last meeting, and they were presented to the team members last week. All were very thankful, he said.
Finally, the Council voted to adopt the Dangerous Structure Ordinance immediately.
Because normally scheduled meetings of the council conflict with upcoming holidays, the Council moved the dates of both the October and November meetings. The meetings are now scheduled for Oct. 9 and Nov. 13; the time remains the same, the meetings will begin at 4 p.m.