RFD hosts annual Gun Bash over weekend

Photo by Allison WestPhoto by Allison West
Allison West
Staff Writer

The Ridgway Fire Department, located on 30 North Broad Street in Ridgway, hosted their annual Gun Bash on Saturday evening from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event was sponsored by the Island Run Sportsmen's Club, and all proceeds went towards the R.F.D. Equipment Fund.
“It was a very, very productive event,” said John Wygant, chairman of the Ridgway Fire Department, “The people were very supportive.”
Approximately 350 people from across Pennsylvania packed two rooms of the Fire Hall to take part in the fun of the evening. From age 13 to 80, the Gun Bash offered something for attendees of all ages to enjoy.
“We had a multitude of ages,” said Wygant.
Among various door prizes and ticket prizes that attendees could have their chance at winning, members of the Fire Department also provided a dinner consisting of sausage, hot dogs, baked beans, homemade ham and bean soup, a variety of chips, and beverages courtesy of the Ridgway Firemen’s Auxiliary.
“They’re a good crew,” said Wygant, “[The Auxilary] started preparing the dinner on Friday morning. We rely on them heavily. There's guns and beer, but the food has a lot to do with it.”
The Saloom Department Store of Mt. Pleasant also provided 15 guns that were given away throughout the night off the main entrance ticket. A $1,000 prize was awarded at 8 p.m. as the final haul of the night. A list of winners was not available at press time.
“All the guns went home that night, Wygant said, “As soon as the name is called, the phone call [to the winner] is made. The guy who provides the guns is very patient and easy to get along with. He waits for [participants] to come to get their guns that night.”
“The newspapers helped us out a lot too,” said Wygant, "We flooded Facebook and put in a lot of advertisements.”
The Ridgway Fire Department has already scheduled the next Gun Bash for April 4, 2020. Upcoming events for the remainder of 2019 hosted by the Fire Department include the Firemen’s Carnival, Firemen’s Parade, and various events put on by the Auxiliary.
“We start planning early,” said Wygant, “and we’d like to thank the area communities that supported us. We really appreciate it.”