Ridgway Borough Council approved several major agreements

Staff Writer

The July meeting of the Ridgway Borough Council got off to a quick start at 7 p.m. on Monday night. The minutes of the last regular meeting on July 15  and the evening’s agenda were quickly approved and passed.
Karen Cappiello, of the Ridgway Animal Haven, spoke to council about the catch, spay and release neutering program that the Haven operates in Johnsonburg which has significantly dropped the number of feral cats in the borough. She requested the council consider funding the program next year in Ridgway. The program captures stray cats, has them neutered then returns them to the original area so there is no void left in a territory that would attract other cats to the area that could reproduce. The Borough Council was interested and will consider her request in upcoming budget negotiations. 
Borough Council President Sam MacDonald spoke about the popularity of the new skate park that was brought about by the Ridgway Recreation Board, with several members of council echoing his observations about the popularity of the park and its presence attracting new kids to the recreation area surrounding the pool. However, Ridgway Police have dealt with a few incidents at the playground. Chief Ralph Tettis has been working with the borough manager and members of the recreation board to address these incidents and no trespassing notices have been served on several individuals.