Ridgway Eagles Club hosts annual Gun Bash

Photo by Brian StockmanPhoto by Brian Stockman
Allison West
Staff Writer

The Ridgway Eagles Club, located on 339 North Broad Street, was bustling with activity on Saturday evening from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. during their annual Gun Bash. Tickets for this event began selling in early December and were purchased by several hundred area residents.
“We had a decent turnout,” Sheena Wendel, team member of the Eagles Club 469, said, “we were set up for [approximately] 350 people.”
Those involved behind the scenes of the event supplied a full buffet-style dinner for attendees consisting of parsley potatoes, BBQ pork sandwiches, hot/sweet sausage, beef on wick, and macaroni salad. There were very little leftovers, stated Wendel.
Alongside a full meal, the main tickets purchased to enter the Gun Bash were also for 10 guns that attendees could win by chance in a drawing of names. Small door prizes, including gift certificates to various local and area businesses, were won through the “cup game.” In this game, cups are given out at the beginning of the event with numbers written or placed on with stickers. Numbers are then called in correlation with the cups to determine the winners.
With full bellies and a variety of drinks, attendees had many praises for the meal as well as for the event overall.
“It ran very smoothly, we didn’t have any problems,” said Wendel, “we hope to make it more successful next year.”
All proceeds from this event benefit the Ridgway Eagles Club and the Ridgway Laurel Mill Golf Course and is utilized in several ways as the organizations see fit, such as donations to local and area causes.

To read the full article and see the winners, see today's publication of the Ridgway Record. (Monday, Feb. 11, 2019.)