Ridgway Fire Department Grocery Auction a successful, entertaining event

Staff Writer

On Saturday the Ridgway Fire Department Women's Auxiliary held a grocery and merchandise auction that started at 2 p.m. and went till 6 p.m. 
Practical items, like paper goods, napkins and tissues were up for auction alongside frozen food items and everyday staples. From cleaning products to frozen breaded vegetables there was something for everyone at the auction. Over 50 bidders signed up for the fast-paced, entertaining auction that seemed to fly by as quickly as the merchandise piled up alongside bidders who were all pleased with their purchases. 
Michael Sullivan started his business 15 years ago and holds grocery fundraisers in five states including Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia for nonprofit organizations like fire departments, Boy Scouts, church groups, 4-H clubs, sportsman's clubs, senior centers and even police departments. 
“I buy overstock from distribution companies and manufacturers. They contact me, and I have been dealing with 40 different companies for over 15 years. Sometimes grocery stores will have excess inventory. We don’t deal in salvage or trash. I refuse to deal with salvage companies. I deal with all licensed legitimate companies. I am licensed by the state and inspected regularly,” Sullivan said.