Ridgway Fire Department Women's Auxiliary place grave markers for deceased Firefighters

Brian D. Stockman
Staff Writer

Working quietly behind the scenes, the Ridgway Fire Department Women's Auxiliary has been working on a project to place grave markers like this at the burial locations for deceased members of the Ridgway Fire Department. With the help of local Boys Scout Troop #93 they have now managed to place all 328 markers they had listed, along with all the Memorial Day flags for fallen service personnel.

"However our records only go back to July of 1964," said Kay Zameroski of the Ridgway Fire Department Women's Auxiliary, "So we apologize if we have missed anyone, and ask that you contact us with information.:

The money to purchase the markers was raised through a variety of means over the last year, and there is a small amount left for upkeep next year as well.

"This is a small way to honor the volunteers for their service to our community," said Zameroski, "as well as their families and loved ones."

With the annual Carnival canceled due to COVID-19, the next large fundraiser scheduled for the Ridgway Fire Department and the Women's Auxillary will be the Gun Bash. Due to the corona-virus and the CDC mandates on gatherings the Ridgway Fire Department has postponed the Gun Bash until Saturday, October 17. It is their hope that things are settled and in order at that time. In addition to that, rentals of the Central Fire Station, Second Ward Fire Hall, or the Carnival Lot are suspended until further notice.

The Fire Department is always accepting donations towards operating costs, or if you want to make a real donation think about joining the Fire Department. Speak to an active member or get in contact by phone or Facebook with the Department to learn how you can join this local volunteer force that helps protect the community every day.