Ridgway senior Zameroski discusses pandemic

Bob Parana - Staff Writer

Going into the spring baseball season Ridgway High School senior Zack Zameroski had a chance to do something few have ever accomplished – win four district championship medals during the school year. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic mandated school closings and postponement of the spring sports season the possibilities are waning for his chance at winning a District 9 baseball championship to add to his array of medals for golf, football, and basketball. Zameroski like all the seniors and underclassmen athletes is obviously disappointed with the closures.
“I was really looking forward to playing baseball. I knew going in we’d have a real tough team especially with the young kids coming up. I thought we would make a run at a championship. Unfortunately, it was cut short,” he said. Students are not only disappointed by not being able to compete they are also being deprived of the normalcy of going to school. “It’s really tough. I would see my friends every day and I can’t do that anymore. I really wanted to have a graduation ceremony and graduation parties. If we can’t have those I will be really bummed. This is the part of the year that all seniors look forward to,” said Zameroski who is trying to keep things in perspective. “This is pretty odd. I’ve been talking to older people and they have never witnessed anything like this. I feel being a senior this was one of the worst years it could happen. I understand why things are closed and realize it’s affecting everyone. We just have to do what we can while we’re all going through it.” Through it all he is doing his best to stay busy. “I’ve been keeping busy cutting firewood by myself, going golfing and going for a run or something. I guess I’m starting to look at the little things in life that we have to absorb and do to get through this. We’re all in it and we all have to get a [handle] on things that will help us get through this together.”