Ridgway Sheetz free to move forward with PLCB application

Staff Writer

RIDGWAY – In Elk County Court on Thursday afternoon Sheetz received the right to apply for the transfer of a beer and wine license from Fox Township to Ridgway when the Ridgway Borough dropped their opposition to the plan. This legal fight began on September 17, 2018, when the Ridgway Borough Council first refused to approve the transfer as is their purview under Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) rules. 
Ohio Springs Inc., on behalf of Sheetz, requested permission from the supervisors to transfer a liquor license from  Fox Township to the Ridgway Sheetz No. 96 located in Ridgway as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 141 of 2000. The PA liquor code allows a liquor license to be transferred from one municipality in a county to another municipality in that same county. The receiving municipality must approve the transfer by the adoption of a resolution following the public hearing in order for the transfer to occur.