Ridgway Township Municipal Authority holds September Meeting

Staff Writer

The September meeting of the Ridgway Township Municipal Authority was called to order by Chairman Ed LaValle at 7 p.m.
Minutes were approved with no objections or corrections.
In correspondence, the final audit was received from Brooks & Rhoades and showed no red flags, with all accounts and practices in order. Robert Bogacki, assistant secretary/treasurer, requested that the authority members approve payment of the final bill in the amount of $3,800 as the firm kept the cost under $4,000 as was agreed upon in the contract. This request was put into motion and unanimously approved.
Under financial reports, total disbursements for the month totaled $80,616.36 with deposits of $92,847.31 and a beginning balance of $83,757.80 leading to an increase in funds of $12,230.95  and an ending balance of $95,968.75 in the general account. Payroll totaled $6,850.48 for the month of August.