Ridgway Township Supervisors begin New Year with board appointments

Photo by Brian Stockman – The Ridgway Township Supervisors Mike Beaver, Chris Kline, and Milly Bowers along with Michelle Bogacki, treasurer/secretary, began 2019 with a meeting on Wednesday night.
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Ridgway Township started the New Year off with the Yearly Reorganization Meeting at 7 p.m. at the Borough Offices. All supervisors were present along with Treasurer/Secretary Michelle Bogacki. The first part of the meeting began with the nomination and appointment of individuals to board officer posts as well as many other positions in the township.
The following members were appointed:
•Chairperson of the Supervisors will remain Chris Kline;
•Vice Chairman of the Supervisors will remain Mike Beaver;
•Treasurer/Secretary/Pension Plan Administrator will remain Michelle Bogacki;
•Roadmaster Mark Mercer;
•Assistant Roadmaster Carl Shilk;
•Solicitor Jim DeVittorio;
•Vacancy Board Chairperson Ron McMinn;
•Zoning Officer, Code Enforcement and Junkyard Officer Ed Moore;
•Assistant Zoning, Code Enforcemen and Junkyard Officer Frank Ferragine;
•Sewage Enforcement Officer, Alternate Zoning, Code Enforcement and Junkyard Officer Russ Braun;
•Assistant Sewage Enforcement Officer Todd Fantaskey.

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