Ridgway Twp. Municipal Authority reviews summer projects, purchases new vehicle

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Ridgway Township Municipal Water Authority met on Feb. 7 at the Municipal Authority Building at 7 p.m. All Board members were present. 
Minutes were approved with no objections or correction.
The one bid for the Ford F-350 4X4 Crew cab with utility bed and snow plow was opened as advertised at 7 p.m. Keith McMahon bid $15,000 for the vehicle and the Authority Members accepted the bid. In accordance with the initial posting, a certified check must be received from McMahon within seven days of the bid award. The vehicle is currently located at the Ridgway Township Main Office.
The Authority passed Resolution No. 1-2019 which authorizes the Authority to enter into an agreement with CNB in Ridgway for a loan of $65,333 towards the purchase of a new utility vehicle.  This is a tax-free loan at a 4.25 percent interest rate with a term of 72 months. The check will be made out to Dave Hallman Chevrolet of Erie, and the vehicle will be delivered to Township early next week. 
Under financial reports, disbursements for the month totaled $95,858.90, Deposits of $86,318.48 and a beginning balance of $90,458.50 lead to a decrease in funds of $9,540.42, and an ending balance of $80,918.08 in the general account.  Payroll totaled $9,927.49 for the month of January.
Under pperations, it was reported that in Jan. 9 Shut-Off Notices were delivered to customers with outstanding bills. Forty-two water meters were inspected and replaced by the Water Authority employees and general maintenance was performed at pumping stations. 
Under engineering reports, all permits and easements have been received for the Grant Road Bridge project with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation scheduling a meeting for 10 a.m. on April 11 at the PennDOT office in Clearfield for a pre-construction conference. The engineer and several members of the Authority will attend. 
A vote was taken to approve and pay all outstanding bills presented and passed unanimously.
With no other business on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.