Sheriff's department shut down; sues county

Starting today, the Elk County sheriff's department will be shut down until possibly the end of the calendar year as ordered by the county's board of commissioners.The shutdown was ordered after county officials discovered that the department in question would face a projected budget deficit of approximately $9,000. In response, Elk County Sheriff Jeffrey C. Krieg filed a civil complaint on behalf of the sheriff's department against the board of commissioners. As plaintiff in the case, Krieg indicated Friday evening that he was advised by legal counsel not to make any comments to media outlets since he is the plaintiff in the case. He had taken a medical leave of absence reportedly officially effective Oct. 2, but returned to active duty later that month.A hearing has been scheduled for Friday, Dec. 14 at 1:30 p.m. in the main courtroom of the Elk County Courthouse. Two hours has been allotted for the hearing. A judge from outside Elk County has been requested to preside, however, the judge's identity has not been disclosed.