Solid Waste Authority plans to end Saturday collection

Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

The Elk County Solid Waste Authority discussed canceling the Saturday electronic collection among a variety of other items at their monthly meeting yesterday.
Though absent from the meeting, Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator Bekki Titchner in her report to the board suggested eliminating the Saturday electronics collection by the end of the year.
Chairman Tom Buck, who presented Titchner's report, agreed that this may be a good idea.
"Now that it sounds like the numbers are decreasing steadily on the Saturday collections, it sounds like a good idea," said Buck.
As it stands, the Recycling Center takes electronics any day the Center is open to the public. Solid Waste Enforcement Officer Dave Stubber pointed out that those coming in for the Saturday collection are often bringing general recycling anyways, therefore having a weekend day dedicated to just electronics appears to be a waste.
"It hardly seems worth the effort to get the volunteers in [on Saturdays]," said Stubber. "Myself and the guys back here are still going to work here one Saturday a month [to catch up on processing]."
The board agreed that there doesn't appear to be a good enough reason to keep the Saturday collection going, but were undecided on how long they should keep the program going while they "get the word out" to the community. Titchner suggested until the end of the year, but others on the board suggested stopping the program in the fall, as that would still give the Center several months to alert residents.
The Center will still be available to collect electronics any day they are open, Mondays and Fridays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Wednesdays 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Stubber also pointed out, that those who use Saturdays for their recycling drop-offs, also frequently come in on Wednesday evenings, and didn't think too many people would be greatly affected by the change.
"If somebody calls and they say they can't make it on one of those days and need to come in in the evening or on a Tuesday we make arrangements for them," said Stubber.
After further discussion, it was decided that the Authority will discontinue the program, but will make the final decision on the cut-off date after talking to Titchner about it some more.
The Authority would like to remind readers that there will be no electronics collection in April due to the Easter holiday.

To read the full article, see today's publication of the Ridgway Record. (Wednesday, Feb. 237, 2019).