Statewide Tax Recovery notices confuse many in Ridgway Borough

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Many residents of Ridgway Borough were confused by recent tax invoices sent to them from Statewide Tax Recovery over the weekend. Many questioned the invoices as yet another scam, others were sure they were completely paid up on their taxes, while others question the amount.  
Many called the number listed on the invoices and received confusing answers to their questions about what this tax is for. Several people called the borough offices which were not aware the mailing had gone out. 
After some confusion and communication with the Tax Claim Bureau of Elk County, it was confirmed these are legitimate invoices. In speaking to the Elk County Commissioners and Tyler Daniels, supervisor of the Tax Claim Bureau, the Ridgway Record can report that over 1,633 tax invoices were sent out to residents of Ridgway Borough by the county's approved delinquent tax recovery service, Statewide Tax Recovery. In general, most of the amounts are in the $30 range, usually $5 to $6 in actual taxes and a $25 recovery fee. In some cases, the taxes range back 15 years, but for the majority of individuals covers taxes owed in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
Tax Claim supervisor Tyler Daniels said that the county did not receive advance notice of these mailings, but that they are legitimate and Ridgway Borough residents are responsible to pay.  
Anyone who disputes the amount of tax or obligation to pay the tax in certain years should bring all relevant receipts and documentation to the tax claim office located in the courthouse annex on the second floor after scheduling an appointment.