Team PA Agricultural Roadshow draws many

Photo by Brian Stockman Lee Alexander, John P. Brennan, Blythe Brunner, Rep. Martin Causer, Jim Chorney, Mark Critz, Deb Delhunty, Rep Cris Dush, Rick Engebretson, Ta Enos, Jodi Foster, Matt Gayley, Sherri Geary Jill Grosch , Jenn Hibbard, Donna Hottel, Thomas Kase, Amy Keth, Ed Kocjancic, Cliff Lane, Jamie Lefever, Ernest Mattiuz, David Morgan, Christa Mummau, Cindy Nellis, Chris Perneski, Bob Rusiewski, Chelsea Schwab , John Siggins, Pam Streich, Alex Swan, Sue Swanson, Kristi Wendel, Alcherrie Williams,
Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

On Friday, Team PA, members of the Ag Advisory Board, and PA Secretary of Agriculture Russell C. Redding presented the PA Agriculture Economic Impact Report and hosted a discussion with economic developers and community members in Kane at the Flickerwood Wine Cellars.
As part of the Results and Recommendations Roadshow announced in December, the North Central region event was hosted by the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission. As residents and agriculturalists of the North Central region, Rep. Martin Causer, Rep. Cris Dush, and Sue Swanson spoke to the Team PA Agriculture Advisory Board and shared their experiences within their respective industries.
The breakfast/lunch event attracted about 40 attendees and "many new faces" according to NCRPDC Director of Enterprise Development Chris Perneski. She noted that many of the attendees "were not regular attendees of NCRPDC events, which emphasizes the magnitude of the local agricultural community and interest in agricultural economic development in the region."
The messages shared by Team PA Ag Advisory Board members throughout the meeting energized attendees to recognize and spread the word of the importance of agriculture to the entire Commonwealth, and specifically its importance to the region as a leader in hardwood, vegetable, and animal products operations.
PA Secretary of Agriculture Russell C. Redding highlighted some of the programs within the recently proposed Pennsylvania Farm Bill and illuminated key concepts of the funding proposal that could directly impact the region’s plans for growth.
"It was an honor to be a part of Team PA’s Results and Recommendations Roadshow today at Flickerwood Wine Cellars in Kane. The partnerships presented by Team PA create such an incredible opportunity, and I was glad to be able to talk about the PA Farm Bill," Redding said at the end of the meeting.
In addressing the attendees while a delicious Spaghetti and Meatball dinner was served by the Flickerwood Wine Cellars' Staff, he finished with: "In terms of business development and succession planning alone, the PA Farm Bill offers possibilities that will benefit farmers here in McKean County and elsewhere in the North Central Region from tax exemptions for preserved farmland being transferred to beginning farmers, to the development of a Pennsylvania Agricultural Business Development Center. The latter represents a $2 million investment in the farmers of today and tomorrow, offering resources to help farmers create business plans, transition plans, or succession plans - all to ensure the best chance for success, in a future that looks increasingly bright for Pennsylvania agriculture."
The event proved to be the most successful PREP event to date from NCRPDC and highlighted one of Kane's hidden treasures, the Flickerwood Wine Cellar which proved to be a perfect venue for this meeting.