Weekend storm to hit hard, pass quickly

File photo by Frank Quattrone
Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

For most of the week, area residents have heard varying reports about the coming snowstorm, set to hit the Elk County Area Saturday.
AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Carl Erickson reports that the bulk of that storm will come and go over the course of the day Saturday, and putter out by Sunday.
"It's going to be a significant, but fairly quick-hitting storm," he said. "Starting in the early afternoon Saturday, it will pick up through the day. We're expecting that at its peak, accumulation could be as much as 1-2 inches per hour Saturday afternoon and evening."
Erickson said that they expect total accumulation to be at about a foot, give or take a few inches.
"Travel will definitely be treacherous throughout the day Saturday as the road crews will not be able to keep up with the amount of snowfall coming down that quickly," Erickson said.
By Sunday Erickson said most of the snow will have fallen and the storm will be passing, but heavy winds and low temperatures will continue.
"It's going to be gusty winds, up to 40 mph on Sunday with very low temperatures," said Erickson.
Sunday's low is expected to be -4º F.