Wolfel helping to form Flood Resiliency Initiative

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Borough Flood Resiliency Initiative community leaders, business and property owners, flood victims and regular citizens all came to the North Central Regional Planning and Development Commission headquarters in Ridgway on a cold and snowy day to talk all about flooding.
"Ridgway has flooded before, and it will flood again," said Rachel Wolfel, the organizer of this meeting. “What the community can do about mitigating damage and making cleanup easier is what we are talking about today."
Wolfel explained that the NCPRPDC received grant funding from the Keystone Communities Program to place a value on resiliency in North Central’s six-county region. The goal is to raise awareness and educate residents on the short- and long-term impacts of the Flood Insurance Reform. A regional analysis of historic flooding impacts was conducted with a “pilot” community identified.

The full article can be found in Dec. 1 edition of the Ridgway Record.